Baby stroller

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Baby strollers

A vehicle used to move babies from one place to another without holding them in arms. Baby stroller designed for children provides comfortably to young babies because of its specifications like padding, reclining seat and sunshade it is very compatible. Because of its lightweight it can be easily lifted by adults. Baby stroller frame made up of aluminum or stainless steel and its seat have a cloth handles are covering with plastic and rubbers


• Baby stroller has the benefit of easily carrying due to its minute weight and folding ability.
• It has protected aluminum frame which protects it from damaging
• Many strollers are designed for twins because it contains two baby seats or two bassinets.
• Strollers consist of a storage basket that can support up to 30 pounds.
• Baby stroller has folding ability giving the benefit that it can be easily fitted into a smaller place where free space is premium.
• It also contains a decent storage area under the seat. It can help carry diapers, pampers and wipes too or any other items like grocery items.
• The baby stroller handlebar can be adjusted according to a height that the stroller could be easily pushed forward and move on.
• Some strollers have the capability of automatic braking system giving the benefit that if you are in a hilly area and for a moment you leave the stroller it starts moving down. Instead of running behind it Automatic breaking system stops keeping the young baby safe and sound.

Various designs or types of stroller:

There are many designs of strollers like
• Single strollers
• Traditional strollers
• Umbrella stroller
• Combination stroller
• Car seat carrier stroller
• Convertible strollers
• Jogging strollers
• Double side by side stroller
• Double tandem stroller


          • If the baby is sleeping in an infant car seat and you want to place baby into stroller without disturbing, use travel system stroller.
• Uses for both newborn babies and older babies.
• Parents can easily attend any marriage or other functions without holding their baby or keeping them in the lap. Instead, they just keep their baby in highly comfortable strollers.
• When the parents cant carries their baby for a long time due to illness or backbone paid during work or while in shopping baby stroller is used.
• During running or jogging parents use baby strollers.
• Parents may get out o troublesome of carrying the baby into different shawls slings, or strips of clothes that are tied around the shoulder, neck or hip of the baby.

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